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Angry Wife Rampage!

Feel like cheating on your wife?
Don’t store thing in your car! 🙂


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an I would just add: because theists are stupid. Period.

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Invisible Octopus

holy shit!

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The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

I onda par budaletina pili o Isusu Kristu, Allahu, Yahweu, Budi ili Zeusu?
Budale je malo reći.

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Atheists Video

Great video showing some very cool people.

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Mind Control Cults

How to start your own cult, a funny way to present an extremely serious matter.
Watch it!

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Il gioco delle tre carte Inter-Telecom-Moggiopoli

Relations club Internazionale – Telecom Italia – Italian Football Federation

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